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The latest safety report by real estate website Domain has been released today, outlining the safest suburbs for investors and owner-occupiers.

While the suburbs on the list are not particularly surprising, the means by which they were determined is truly ground breaking.

The analysts at Domain have found a new indicator of safeness that’s allegedly ten times more accurate than reported crime rates; it’s the number of abandoned trolleys lining the streets and lying tipped over on front yards or in bodies of water.

Head analyst, Jordan Leeming, explained to the press how he identified this new indicator and what exactly it means for certain suburbs.

“I was actually driving to pick up something I’d bought off Gumtree and I began noticing an increase in the amount of abandoned shopping trolleys,” he said.

“It turned out that coincided precisely with the dodginess of the suburb I was passing through.”

“The correlation jumped out at me, really.”

“It’s blown the lid off these supposed ‘safe’ suburbs. Just because there’s no break and enters reported doesn’t make it safe.”

“We’d previously believed Betoota Grove to be safe, but we now know it’s not. The same goes for Ashville, which is behind the train station.”

While the report has only been live for a number of hours, we can see it’s already having an effect on the local property market, with valuers knocking as much as 10 per cent off the price of some homes.

It’s believed this report coupled with the banking sector’s tightening of lending could make for some very interesting times in the market.

More to come.


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