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A local Greek restaurant with over 140 separate menu items has defended claims that they’re not the most authentic taverna in the Diamantina Shire.

The Duke of Edinburgh Taverna in the Old City District has been an inner Betoota institution for over 60 years and has attracted a wide and loyal customer base.

However, one menu item has attracted criticism today in The Advocate’s famous food and culinary culture lift-out, Pay Your Workers George You Chode Cunt, where our paper’s restaurant critic suggested that the ‘$11 satay bolognese’ main wasn’t ‘authentically Greek’.

Speaking to our reporter today, Panayiotis Metaxas (pictured) from The Duke of Edinburgh Taverna said his satay bolognese was authentically Greek because it was the Greeks who invented satay and bolognese.

“This critic of yours, he comes here and he tells lies,” said Mr Metaxas.

“Your paper has been here many times and has had no problems. You send this man and he has a problem. Fuck this man and his lies. We invented satay! Peanuts are Greek as olives! The Italians claim many things, pasta, pizza and gelato. They’re all Greek! Just as the same as bolognese! [sic]”

“So do not publish lies!”

The Advocate has taken Mr Metaxas’ word for it and decided forwarding further enquires surrounding the origins of said food would only result in more grief for this paper and Mr Metaxas alike.

More to come.


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