In some good news for the under seige game of Rugby Union in Australia, the battle for Super Rugby’s broadcast rights have really heated up today.

With the game under the pump after Fox Sports withdrew its offer, the battle to broadcast the code went quiet following a bit of noise from the highly regarded and reliable Optus Sports.

However, in a flare-up of hostilities, the Betoota Advocate can reveal that rival free to air heavyweights 10 Peach and Nine Honey are going toe to toe for the right to show 3 am South African kicking derbys.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, an anonymous elite Sydney private school old boy who played 3 games for Wallabies in the mid-’90s and has clung onto the Rugby’s head body ever since explained that things are looking good.

“Obviously I can’t tell you how much we are looking at, but hopefully it will keep me in a job for another few years,” he said.

“It’s a pretty exciting prospect. Forget Nick McArdle hosting a rugby tripleheader. You could see Cherryl from Married At First Sight or Peter Helliar engaging in a bit of pre and post-match rugby banter in the near future!”

“And all these peasants who don’t pay for TV will have to pipe down about rugby not being on free to air won’t they.”

He then told us he had to get off to a longish lunch to round out his day and hung up.

More to come.


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