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The relationship between Gladys Berejiklian and her next door neighbours is once again strained after their Halloween decorations were slammed by the premier as ‘too scary’.  

The decorations, consisting of realistic mannequins dressed as ICAC auditors, are posed to represent an actual investigation and have been staking out the Premier’s Northbridge house for a week, performing such tasks as watching at the premier’s house with binoculars, sticky-taping shredded documents together, and transcribing a tapped telephone conversation. 

“Look, I get jokes; everybody always tells me I’m really funny” said the NSW Premier and alleged comedian.

“Just the other day I made a joke about how I had the “koalifications” to approve the clearing of all that koala habitat for residential development; the whole office was laughing and cheering and making chainsaw noises. It was so funny. But this isn’t funny at all. It’s just going too far. It frightens me every time I walk out the front door and it’s already scared away 3 of my property developer Tinder matches.” 

However, neighbour Jimmy Russler says the decorations are an expression of his free speech and if the Premier feels uncomfortable with them then she’s free to stop cavorting about with corrupt developers who seem to have a knack for predicting which areas of NSW are about to be rezoned. 

“It’s all fair game mate” he said as he adjusted the clipboard on one of the mannequins and turned it to face the Premier’s house.

“A couple of months ago she pranked us by rezoning our backyard and selling it to her mate while we were on holiday. We got home and there was a poorly-constructed apartment tower right where the clothesline used to be. It took us ages to clear all the chicken wire and papier-mâché away”. 


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