In some exciting news from our very own town of Betoota, the Gender Pay Gap has finally been defeated.

That’s right, the issue that blokes with neck beards say never existed in the first place, is no more.

Exisiting since the dawn of time, the Gender Pay Gap had risen to prominence over the last couple of years, with leaders and employers realising that roughly 50% of the population have finally had enough of being paid less than the other 50% of the population.

While many Men’s Rights Activists are always quick to point out that it’s illegal to pay someone less for the exact same job, the Gender Pay Gap more specifically refers to the practice of paying men more in roles that are open to salary negotiation, greater renumeration for male dominated industries and economic structures that allow men to earn significantly more than women over the course of their careers and lives.

However, thankfully, it is an issue that we don’t need to fight about on the internet anymore, because a local finance firm has successfully overcome it with some nice purple cupcakes.

“It’s the little things that make a difference,” explained one local woman as she ripped into a delicious cupcake.

“I’m just so glad we have defeated this issue once and for all,” explained the woman who was offered significantly less than one of senior partner’s son’s mates who works the exact same job as her

The defeat is a huge relief for women who get paid on average 13% less than men (and hundreds of thousands less over the course of their working careers) as well as Men’s Rights Activists who refuse to acknowledge that they might somehow be more fortunate than other human beings.

More to come.


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