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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered his first budget in Canberra this evening and every Australian will be better off under it.

That fact heralds a departure from traditional Federal Budgets which need at least one group of people in the community to be worse off in order for some to be better off.

Also, for the first time in years, the budget is back in surplus.

Speaking to reporters in the minutes after he delivered his budget to parliament, Josh said that his budget is perfect because it benefits everyone.

“We are on the road to paying off Labor’s debt in our next term under my budget,” he said.

“Which means the government is taking in more money that it’s prepared to give out because paying your debts is important. I’m committed to paying off our net Commonwealth debt and that’s what I’m going to do,”

“And thanks to my staff and team, this budget does all of that while making sure there are no losers – because losing is unAustralian. Just look at the ball tampering and shit.”

Josh then called an end to the presser, telling reporters if they want any more answers tonight, they’d have to follow him down to the Kingo and buy him a Corona bucket.

More to come.


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