“Guys, seriously” says Lillie (27), right on cue.

“We should all move here haha”

Lillie is currently going through the paces expected from someone on week-five of a brutal six month placement in Hobart.

After wrapping up all of the fun tourist stuff like MOMA, and, umm, the ferry to and from MOMA, the dust has now settled and Lillie has realised that she’s actually got to make friends with some of these people.

While she was impressed by the cool people she met at all the wine and cheese tasting she did in here first week, while her sister helped her move in to her new place – She is also acutely aware that most of those people are tourists – and the locals are the ones in the front bar of the venue, wearing heavy sailing jackets and crocs.

But, as any mainlanders sent to work in Van Diemen’s Land will point out, the architecture of the Tasmanian capital is adorable.

In fact, it’s like a tiny version of Sydney, haha.

And she’s gotta spread the word.

To her friends.

“It’s like a tiny version of Sydney, haha” says Lillie, in a group chat with her happily-employed girlfriends currently enjoying summer in their hometown that isn’t 4,619.63 km from the equator and suffering from a man drought.

“You guys should join me, haha”

“We could, like, make it our thing, haha” she says, before realising herself how short-lived this campaign with Christmas holidays just around the corner.

“Haha trueee” says her closest friend, Becky.

“I’ll come down for Dark Mofo for sure!”


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