Residents of ‘The Snake Pitt’ have regretfully moved their three-seater couch on to the street this morning after three long years of service.

The five residents of the share house said this was not an easy decision for them to make, but with some of them starting to get more serious partners, they collectively decided it might be time to give the old house a bit of a spruce.

In memory of the sofa, the girls paused for a minute’s silence before leaving it on the street for good.

“Yeah it’s sad to say goodbye, but I’m sure it’ll find a good home” said one resident.

And he was right, like hyenas on a carcass, future couch owners scurried out of nowhere, all eager to lay claim on the prized 3-seater.

A house full of reggae musicians managed to win out after they were the only ones with enough numbers to get the couch home on foot.  The Advocate caught up with the two long-haired uni students as they were about to leave the scene.

“Oh yeah, pretty excited about it, hey” said one bong head in a slow drawl.

“Reckon it’ll go pretty well on the front porch, set it up nice for when summer comes and we can have a few adventure cones out there” he continued.

It’s understood that the new boys said the old owners were welcome to stop by and check on the couch any time they wished, but as it looks pretty scat and will be covered in bong water it’s likely to be a hard no.

More to come.


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