4WD owners in the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore of Sydney have today woken up to a horrifying sight.


With a thick layer of smoke coating the city again, the drivers of luxury and ordinary 4WD’s are cleaning up the wreckage from rain that has caused their cars to look like they have been offroad.

The scary phenomenon comes less than 24 hours are Little Europe was graced by the dirty rain.

“Oh my god, it’s disgusting,” said Bellevue Hill resident and Range Rover owner Belinda Wyatt trying to pat the dust residue of her activewear.

“At least everyone else at school drop off will be in the same boat,” she huffed.

“It looks like it’s been off-road on some goat tracks or something,” explained the owner of the car built to transport her two little darlings too and from the elite private school they attend.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be straight to the car wash up the road, even though they make an awful coffee.”

It’s believed that further west, plenty of motor vehicle owners are secretly pleased with what serves as an opportunity to wash the car on the lawn again.

“Ah I guess that’s Saturday arvo then,” sighed office Croydon Park Ford Ranger owner and office worker Brayden Sims acting as if the car’s paintwork would fall off if it wasn’t washed for a few weeks.

“Gotta do what you gotta do.”


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