In some breaking news from the world of politics, Scott Morrison has confirmed that it is officially not his job to be Prime Minister anymore.

After nearly four years of neglecting his job as Prime Minister and swerving any form of accountability for letting the people he is supposed to work for down, Scotty from Marketing no longer has to pretend like it is his job to lead us.

This comes after the nation voted emphatically in favour of turfing out a government that has taken the privilege of leading for granted.

It’s still unknown whether the Labor party will be able to form a majority government, but both major parties have taken a significant hit to their primary votes, with the Liberal Party losing a swathe of seats.

The Greens look like picking up 3 seats with the Teals winning at least 5 seats, including that of former Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong.

Regardless of how the next Labor government is formed, it has now been confirmed that Scott Morrison no longer needs to defend his inaction on natural disasters, climate change, the economy and public health in the form of pandemic protection and recovery.

A couple of years after he revealed the theme for his Prime Ministership was that he didn’t ‘hold a hose mate,’ it is now officially no longer his job to lead the country.

It is not known who will replace him as ‘leader’ of the Liberal Party, but with Frydenberg out of the picture, it looks like it’s finally Peter Dutton’s time.

More to come.


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