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A northside father has told his friends down the local this afternoon that he knows his middle daughter works in banking – but doesn’t really understand the roll.

Darcy Beeres, of ‘Top Conbar’ on the Wilson River Road popped into The Gladstone on Byng on his way home this afternoon when a mate of his asked what his kids were up to.

“Yeah Maggie is here in town at St Matthews doing her teaching prac,” he parroted.

“But ah, Lala. She’s working in the city doing some banking work.”

That piqued the interest of Darcy’s mate playing pool behind him.

“Oh yeah, what typa banking she in, Darce?”

For a minute, Darcy thought hard. He knew, something like capital markets or bonds. Or was it private wealth something something? It’s all the same to him, he thought.

“Mate ah, she goes to the stock market each day and trades shares with people for her bank or something? I don’t really understand,” he said.

Darcy’s mate burped and miss-hit the cue ball, sending a loud rattle throughout the public house.

“Ah fuck’s sake!” he yelled.

“So kinda like on the movies where they’re all yelling at each other. What’s that stupid fucking movie with Tim the Toolman and that Mowgli-looking bedwetter side kick of his?”

Darcy thought hard again, this Friday afternoon at the pub was proving to be quite a mental exercise.

“Yeah, I know the one you’re talking about. The one were he has that slingshot and he shoots a bunch a pigeons and the old duck flips her shit on the little bastard. Could only happen in New York, hey?”

His mate nodded and said the name of the movie was on the tip of his tongue.

Suddenly, the 29-year-old bartender turned around after finally getting the TV on the right channel and said it was Jungle 2 Jungle.

“That’s the one, mate,” said Darcy.

“What were we talking about again?”

More to come.


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