The Bureau Of Meteorology has today urged the nation to take the arrival of the warmer weather seriously.

With Spring rolling in this week and bringing warmer temperatures with it, the nation’s peak weather body has reminded everyone that it’s important to keep your fluid levels up as the mercury rises.

Speaking on television this afternoon, a meteorologist from the BOM called Fulhoff Carr-Isma said that we are seeing temperatures rise across the country this week, and urged Australians to act upon the changing conditions.

“As climate conditions become more extreme, it’s appropriate for us to remind people that changes in temperature shouldn’t be underestimated,” Carr-Isma said.

“With the slightly warmer weather, the first thing we would do is implore people keep their fluids up and make sure they are hydrated.”

“So, particularly if you have had a big day or week at work, take the opportunity this evening to sit down and really consume some H20, in whatever form you feel like.”

The meteorologist then went onto the regular boring stuff that only the nation’s dads particularly care out about.


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