The Bureau of Meteorology is reporting a disturbance in the force this evening, as Queensland and NSW prepare to go to war.

Cloaked in dark robes to hide his face from gathering Rugby League media, it’s believed  Supreme Queensland Sith Darth Bennett has met with his apprentice Billy Slater, to give final instructions before tonight’s State of Origin.

Meeting young Slater in the shadows of Optus Stadium, it’s understood Bennett ordered the rookie coach to “Execute Order 66”.

“Billy my young apprentice, you must use the dark powers against them,” hissed Bennett.

“Wipe them out, all of them…”

The move comes as Queensland look to secure an early 2-0 victory over NSW, who were unable to match the Maroons ferocity in game one of the series in Sydney.

Slater, who is currently coaching his first Origin series, has reportedly already impressed Queensland’s Rugby League overlords, who were also the power brokers behind sending former legends Cameron Smith and Jonathon Thurston into Origin Camp.

A highly classified ancient religious order, Rugby League insiders have for many years whispered rumours of “The Maroon Council’, an assembly of Queensland greats who control the balance in power in the halls of Suncorp Stadium.

Led by Supreme Ruler Darth Bennett, insiders say former players and coaches including Sith Master Tallis, Sith Lord Meninga and Sith Lord Lewis are all members of the ancient council, who are sworn under oath to destroy all traces of NSW Rugby League.

Enthused by the introduction of the Redcliffe Dolphins into the national competition, the council is reportedly looking forward to continuing its expansion of Queensland power in the Rugby League galaxy.

Offering final words behind kick off, Darth Bennett ordered Slater to put NSW to the sword.

“Young Billy, their feeble skills are no match for our side…”

“Have no mercy!”


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