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For some reason, one of Kevina Lee’s coworkers is still supporting James Charles today despite half the planet cancelling the YouTube star amid allegation he tried to ‘manipulate a person’s sexuality’.

The 19-year-old makeup personality was ‘called out’ by a fellow makeup personality, Tati Westbrook, who objected to a number of things James Charles has done.

Connie Greentree, who’s worked with Kevina at a bespoke, artisan and fair trade public relations firm in our city’s vibrant French Quarter for a couple of years now, said she’s still on the fence over the cancellation and is waiting for more evidence to come forth.

That is unacceptable, says Kevina.

“I can’t believe I’m sharing a coworking space with a James Charles supporter,” she said.

“He’s a toxic piece of shit. Enough said.”

Our reporter spoke to the boring straight white man who directs the boutique public relations firm the girls work at – and he said he didn’t know what we were on about.

“I’ve heard bits and bobs about it but I don’t understand what it’s all about really,” he said in a sexy dad voice.

“As long as it’s not detracting from the work environment, I don’t care what they talk about at work. All I know is nobody wants to talk about the blinder Damien Cook had on the week,”

“But yeah. Is that the only reason why you called me? I’ve got some press releases I need to send to you guys actually. Would you want any of the guys from Bliss and Esso on your radio show and podcast?”

Our reporter hung the phone up then left it off the hook.

More to come.


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