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The leader of the Opposition and How I Met Your Mother Enthusiast Bill Bradbury Shorten has today decided to jazz things up a little bit.

Our country’s likely next Prime Minister (as long as he doesn’t Hillary Clinton this Steven Bradbury) Shorten said he was feeling like living a little spontaneously this afternoon.

Not spontaneously in the sense that he would be doing something like coming out and condemning the impending environmental disaster that is the Adani coal mine, or speaking off script at one of the day’s press conferences, but by mixing it up for lunch.

Popping into a Subway on the campaign trail in an effort to seem like an everyman, Bill Bradbury spent a few moments pondering what he should get on his Footlong Sub.

Deciding to just go for it, Shorten decided to step outside his comfort zone and ask for mayo on his tuna sandwich, and asking for it to be a panini, surprising his onlooking staffers.

“Yep, sometimes I’m a bit crazy like that,” said Shorten to us just moments ago.

“Normally I’m just a plain tuna and lettuce kind of guy, but today I went a bit rogue,” he laughed, failing to see anything particularly odd in the fact he doesn’t consider any of the raft of other meats, salads and condiments like everyone else does.

“Can I tell you a secret?” he then asked.

Our reporters nodded and encouraged him to fire away.

“I actually can never finish a Footlong,” he whispered looking around the restaurant.

“But given I’m a union man, and I’m supposed to be a ‘bloke’ and an everyman and all that, I feel too embarrassed to order a 6-Inch, so this panini thing is the perfect out, without making me look soft because I can’t eat a whole Footlong.”

Shorten’s minders then shuffled us off.


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