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A city dog has entered her fourth day of a hunger strike today after she’s once again served a bowl of dry dog biscuits.

The strike is particularly worrying for Christine Iskender as she’s dog sitting Ruby for her cousin while she’s holidaying Europe.

“She just won’t eat, at one point she even started dry retching. I thought she was dying,” said a desperate Christine to our reporter.

In an effort to keep Ruby alive for her cousin, Christine hired Betoota’s best dog behavioural expert to see if she could communicate with Ruby and see what the problem was.

“Yes, yes, the issue is completely clear to me” she said.

“Ruby hates what you’re feeding her”

“She usually has brown rice and poached chicken twice a day, darling”

The expert pressed her into Ruby’s for a deeper reading.

“She’s now telling me that you haven’t even been massaging her paws”

“And that her anxiety is through the roof because you haven’t been playing her meditation tracks as she goes to sleep”

“Ruby’s asked me to tell you to pull your head in and start treating her properly or she’ll bite you.”

It’s believed Christine was unsure how to respond to the expert’s reading.

On one hand, she was concerned that the dog wasn’t eating, but on the other, it was a fucking dog and it would eat what it was bloody well given.

More to come. 


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