A local woman has surprised her friends by listening to their problems and then responding with an unorthodox piece of advice – one that had nothing to do with drinking more water or exercising.

“I was pretty surprised,” Kendra Smith told The Advocate.

“Up till now, her advice had been pretty shit. But then she came out of left field with a suggestion that might actually be helpful.”

Alice Patterson, a Sydney-based yoga instructor, is a sweet girl but not one that her friends usually expect good counsel from.

“One time I told her I was going through a breakup and then for hours she wouldn’t shut up about ‘toxins’ and how I needed to either sweat them or flush them out,” Smith told reporters.

But this time things were different. Smith, half-expecting another lecture about hydration or endorphins, told Patterson she was contemplating a career change.

“She said, ‘go for it.’” I was shocked.” Smith told reporters. “I mean, sure, she followed it up by telling me to make sure to leave time to hit the gym, but still, it was a big step.”


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