After Brisbane went into lockdown earlier this week as a result of two Covid clusters, the virus has now been sighted in NSW’s north.

A case was found in Byron Bay last night, leading the NSW government to implement mandatory masks and other restrictions in the Northern Rivers.

No more that 30 visitors will be allowed into a home, hospitality workers must wear masks, as well as people shopping, in public transport and rideshares.

The case has been linked to the Byron Beach Hotel, after an infected patron visited there.

However, the fact that it’s been found up in the holiday hotspot where wealthy Australians don’t like to be told what to do has raised serious concerns for authorities trying to contain a potential outbreak.

“Yeah, there not exactly selfless up there are they,” said a NSW Health Official.

“And they certainly don’t like feeling like they have to adhere to the same rules as everyone else.”

“Anyone whose been up there or lived around the region will tell you that.”

“Lord knows how many of them there currently don’t believe this is anything worse than a bad flu as well.”

“You try going and telling a linen-clad group who’ve booked a night out after paying exorbitantly for a holiday in the ‘it’ spot to stay at home and take it easy just in case the spicy cough is active in the area” sighed the official.

“They paid money, and lot’s more than plenty of people have, so they should be able to do what they want.”


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