Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit, the first Australian leader to do so in six years.

Xi Jinping says he hopes Australia and China can work closer together after ‘a difficult few years’ between the nations – which is a polite way of saying ‘We didn’t appreciate Scott Morrison comments about our country inventing that virus’.

The meeting between the two Pacific neighbours looks to stifle the ‘drums of war’ that seems to always ring out when Australian politicians are panicking before an election. The calls for an investigation into the origins of coronavirus, alleged human rights violations, and ongoing trade disputes did not help either.

However, with a one-on-one catch up that went 17 minutes longer than scheduled, it seems a cool-hand approach to this emerging economic super power might be Albanese’s approach for now.

Diplomatic experts say that they have never seen the Chinese leader in a better mood, after having his ego stroked by Albanese.

“Haha yeah so I live in this spot called Marrickville” Albanese told Xi Jinping

“Theres actually heaps of Asians there. But like mostly Vietnamese… Yeah yeah yeah I know they are completely different”

It seems Albo’s idle RSL chit chat may have diffused the world leader, who is used to the ‘Yellow Peril’ attacks from Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott.

“But yeah… I go down to Chinatown all the time. Best food hey haha”

Xi Jinping nodded excitedly as Albanese continued explaining his deep connection to Mainland China.

“Bro what’s one with the bright orange sauce… That’s my favourite”

“Sweet and sour pork. Best Chinese dish hands down”

“Oh and the Mongolian Lamb. That’s yum as”

The Chinese President told Albanese that he had never heard of any of those meals in his life, but appreciated the Australian Prime Minister’s attempts to reestablish ties between the two nations.


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