With less than two weeks until Victoria heads to the ballots, and pre-polling now open for the state election – it seems the embattled Opposition leader Matthew Guy has no more tricks up his sleeve other than to blame voters for being brainwashed.

Last week, even the most Liberal aligned broadsheet in the country could not warp the concerning statistics that Matthew Guy faces.

The Australian’s Newspoll state poll for Victoria had Labor with a two-party lead of 54-46. Daniel Andrews leads 52-33 on preferred premier, up one point from 51-34 last time.

This does not even take into account the state’s Teal and Green waves that have been swelling ever since the great humiliation of Scott Morrison at the 2022 Federal Election.

However, if you’ve been exposed to any of the Victorian-based media outlets, you’d know this imminent ‘Danslide’ is not a result of the Liberal Party being unelectable.

And it it certainly isn’t because Dan Andrews is the better option. It’s because the media and political elite have banded together to brainwash simple bogans into voting against their own interests.

However, It is not yet known who the mythical media and political elites valiantly protecting the Dan Andrews government actually are.

Considering the fact that literally anyone who has been within 10 square kilometres of Jeff Kennett at any point in their lives are shamelessy barracking the limping Liberal Party to their near guaranteed election loss.

From the Herald Sun, 3AW talkback, Sky News, the Catholic Church, the Business Lobby, Fossil Fuel Companies, the AFL and even the Liberal Party’s treasure organised crime figures – everyone seems to have the same talking point. Dan Andrews gets away with too much.

While no one can really identify anyone who actually likes Dan Andrews, or cares about his political future, the fact remains – he’s being protected by elites. Because that’s the only theory that seems to make sense at the moment. Because it, really is hard to believe that after 300 days of lockdown, and a bumbling premier with one of the most punchable faces in politics, the alternative option of a Liberal Government being in charge over the last three years is still looking like a dodged bullet.


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