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A local New South Welshman has been rushed to Royal Betoota Base Hospital today after being subjected to the socially-malignant marketing campaign that is The Star casino’s Origin anthem.

It’s understood by The Advocate that the victim was innocently scrolling through their Facebook Feed during a smoke break when he was ambushed by the song which some in the rugby leage fraternity suggest is responsible for the first Origin loss for the Blues in Adelaide.

The song features cameos from various Blues personalities, which makes it even worse, says Dr Gideon Tusind of the RBBH Emergency Department.

“The 34-year-old victim suffered a massive bleed on the brain just after 1pm this afternoon,” said Dr Tusind.

“A major artery burst next to the man’s inner ear, causing blood to rush in and out of the ears. The cause of this bleed was The Star’s ‘We All Bleed Blue’ Origin anthem,”

“We advise every New South Welshman currently in Queensland to avoid listening to this anal fissure of a song until after tonight’s match,”

“Because the Blues are going down and Brisbane will be dead rubber, which the Blues will obviously win.”

More to come.


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