29 August, 2016. 14:34

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WHETHER SHE’S ALLEGEDLY LOOKING TO rekindle a high school romance or spent just a little too much on the credit card this month, Ally Greenport is frequently the target of her husband’s short temper.

Despite his potentially harmful shortcomings, Mark Greenport has lashed out today at what he calls the ‘P.C. Brigade’ by suggesting that ‘blackface isn’t that racist’ and people are overreacting to the latest controversy surrounding AFL player Nic Naitanui.

Mr Greenport spoke to The Advocate this morning after shouting at his wife outside the Hogsbreath Cafe in Brisbane’s cosmopolitan Raby Bay district.

“He’s just a fucking kid. Kids can’t be racist because they’re not adults and only adults are legally responsible for their actions,” he said.

“And another thing. The world is getting too politically correct. You can’t do anything without offending some minority or gender. Jesus Christ, I never get offended by anything. But if you say blackface isn’t racist or gender benders should use the toilet God assigned for them, people start lumping you in with racist bigots,”

Ally then put her hand on her husband’s shoulder and asked him not to shout in public, because people were starting to look at them shouting at our reporter.

Mark, who’s known around the greater Upper Mount Gravatt to give himself tattoos and throw rocks at buses, then turned around and shouted at his wife for interrupting him.

Our intern then tried to terminate the interview but Mark wasn’t finished.

“Nah! Nah! It’s not fucking racist, but. You stupid fucking communist, my uncle Tim bayonetted your kind in Vietnam and I’ll fucking stick you, you fucking cunt!”

More to come.


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