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US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has locked down the critical Motown vote by stepping out today in Michael Jackson’s iconic fedora – which effortlessly matches the face mask the Delawarean has been sporting in recent days.

“Shamon!” grunted Biden as he got out of his motorcade.

“Ahhhhh! A-wooo! C’mon girl! Ah-hoo!”


The crowd went wild.

“Okay! Okay! Everybody relax, it’s just me,” laughed Biden.

“I just found this old hat and thought it’d look good on me. People have told me today, Joe, you look like Michael Jackson with that hat one so by Sonny Christ on the Cross, everybody, I’m the type a sonnaovabitch to wear a hat that makes me look like Michael Jackson!”

“Shamon! Everybody! We’re going to win this thing!”

The most recent poll suggests Biden is on track to claim victory in November – but if past elections are anything to work off, nothing is set in stone.

More to come.


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