Ohio-based ANTIFA member, Marshall Kent (24), says he was never really that political in college.

That was until he saw Hillary Clinton undermine Bernie Sanders chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination, in turn handballing the White House to a white supremacist.

After that, he started going to protests. Some of them were violent, but he always knew he was never going to be arrested because of his white privilege.

It wasn’t long until he was sneaking out at night to vandalise Confederate statues in his small university town.

Fast forward an entire Presidential term, and Marshall is now a full blown domestic terrorist.

Not the type that takes a loaded AR15 into a black church and kills 9 elderly worshippers, before getting a ride to Burger King on his way to the police station.

He’s not the type that bombs abortion clinics and Synagogues after months of polluting the internet with Nazi propaganda without raising any suspicion from the police.

In fact, those guys are his enemies, because Marshall is an anti-fascist terrorist.

“I’m more into the false flag operations” he says.

“You know, like organising the destruction of over 75 major US cities with race riots by masterminding 800 years of systemic racism and generational inequality amongst black people”

“That’s my specialty. You might have seen some of my stuff in the news”

Unfortunately for Marshall, he’s not gonna get away with this kind of stuff for much longer, after President Donald Trump tweeted that he is going to designate self-proclaimed anti-fascists as a terrorist organisation.

Trump has pointed the finger for the current US riots at ‘Antifa’ – which is a loose title for anti-fascist radicals that fight against the same kind of people that the US Army used to fight against when the country still had a bit to be proud of.

With the FBI now placing bugs in the underground marijuana-cloaked man cave at his grandmother’s house, out the back of grandmother’s house – Marshall says it feels like the end is near for his cause.

“I’ve stocked up on some cyanide. I’m gonna go out a martyr” he says.

“I hope that America’s minority underclass can continue to mobilise against police brutality and white supremacy without my help”



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