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Betoota psych-rockers SlumDog Sommelier have finally cracked the big time being the first channel country band to hit the triple j airwaves since Soggy Steps Like A Versioned the Doors Plus theme song.

According to founding member and electronic mandolin player Fanny Edwards (29) all they had to do was to write a song about going to the tuckshop.

“It was really very frustrating. For years we were pouring our hearts into songs about life in regional Australia. The drought, the isolation, the heartbreak, it was a really emotional experience,” stated Edwards.

“Anyway, all that shit got us two fifths of fuck all so we dropped it.”

Edwards states the band abandoned their previous sound and promised to write music about things young inner-city Australians actually care about.

“What we found was the main appeal to Australian music is a deeper understanding of niche references that they don’t get in other countries such as the weird shit we have at our school canteens.”

It was at this time SlumDog Sommelier began working on a concept album called “Mrs Mack’s Famous Hot Tuna Wraps” which was dubbed by Richard Kingsmill as “a laboured ode to the sweet treats and warm meats that pump the blood of a humble hungry nation.”

“Opening track Red Frogs sets the stage for 14 tracks that delve into the heart of not only what it means to be Australian but what it means to be human.”

“There is a track on the album called Ingredients. It is what it says it is, it’s just them reading the ingredients on the wrapper of a shepherds pie.”

“Brilliant stuff.”


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