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British naturalist David Attenborough has reportedly changed his mind regarding fossil fuels after being told Australia’s Covid Recovery is wholly dependant on our gas industry.

Attenborough, who is the star of a Netflix documentary that showcases the changes in the natural world during his 94-year lifespan, has strong opinions on releasing more carbon into the atmosphere via the fossil fuels industry.

However, after a long phone call with coal lobbyist and senator Matt Canavan overnight, David has changed his tune.

“Well, if Australia needs to tap into their gas reserves in order to recover from this coronavirus business then I say play on,” said Attenborough to The Advocate this morning via telephone.

“If there’s no other way,”

“I spoke to a senator, Matt Canavan, last night. He explained that his brother and family have a huge interest in coal via a complex network of trusts and legal loopholes. Which means he doesn’t need to disclose it. He told me there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of Matt Canavans around the country who depend on coal, gas and oil to make ends meet,”

“Australia’s role as the insignificant lout at the global bar who frequently steps outside to urinate on the neighbouring property while smoking some sort of drug is critical to saving our planet. The earth cannot heal properly if the blokes of Mackay can’t drive a new Hilux every four years,”

“Play on, Australia.”

The Advocate reached out to the office of Matt Canavan for comment but were told Barnaby Joyce told Canavan that this newspaper was bad news.

More to come.


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