A 78-year-old American man who believes that his own citizens shouldn’t have to sell their homes to pay for cancer treatment, and that people who work three jobs shouldn’t be living in poverty appears to be the number one pick for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Radical socialist Bernie Sanders is continuing to surprise the democratic establishment by once again being the most popular candidate at a grassroots level.

However, his slightly-right-of-Turnbull policies such as government-provided healthcare, universal childcare and affordable university education – have been condemned by the other candidates as raging leftist fantasies – despite being considered basic human rights in most of Europe, Canada and Australia for nearly a century.

The fact that the American workers are responding well to Sanders’ ideology has horrified the left-wing political class in America, who have traditionally preferred to focus their attention on sending their troops to war and talking about maybe legalising marijuana.

Sanders’s Democratic rivals are starting to treat him as a serious threat to win the party’s nomination, and it seems the corporations with vested interests in their success are beginning to worry they might need to pay a little bit of tax if he continue to surprise all the way to November.

Some are saying the DNC might just not give him the nomination again, and instead opt for someone who might be nicer to the 1% of Americans that hoard over 40% of the nation’s wealth, tax-free.

With Julian Assange currently facing extradition to be jailed forever, or executed, in America for making life hard for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – there doesn’t appear to be any whistleblowers left on earth brave enough to again leak the files outlining the democratic party’s white-anting of Bernie Sanders this election cycle.

His radical policies have seen him likened to a ‘moderate Australian Liberal party MP’

“This guy is a real Julie Bishop!” said one concerned Democratic lizard person.

“Seriously, he’s Joe Hockey-ing this entire party to the left!”


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