Following up on his comments about left-wing extremism yesterday, Peter Dutton has today asked for iconic Australian band Midnight Oil to be classified as a terrorist organisation.

This comes after the Home Affairs Minister responded to ASIO’s statement about the threat of right-wing extremism, by claiming that we need to deal with ‘left-wing lunatics’ first.

He confirmed today that he was referring to ‘Islamic extremism’ when he said ‘left-wing,’ seemingly getting his wires crossed and forgetting the similarities between Islamic extremism and right-wing extremism on issues like xenophobia, gender equality, LGBTQI rights, and violent activity.

Speaking to media today, the former cop from the Sunshine coast who left Queensland police for some reason no one is allowed to talk about, explained that the Oil is one of the greatest threats to Australian society.

“Those old hippies need to be classified as a terrorist group,” began the aspiring Prime Minister.

“They are a sleeper cell within our society trying to bring this country to its knees by wearing t-shirts I don’t agree with and performing at concerts like Splendour in the Grass later this year,” he said.

“ASIO needs to be monitoring them constantly, because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my bed burning.”

“Because I don’t care about issues that are important to experts, I only care about the ones that I think might benefit me politically and personally.”


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