The Central West New South Wales town of Forbes was roaring on Saturday night, after local boy Charlie Staines notched four tries and one assist for the Penrith Panthers in the most sensational NRL debut in recent history.

Staines now joins only one other player, Titans winger Jordan Atkins (2008), to put on a four-try performance in his first ever NRL appearance.

The Post Office Hotel in Forbes have since released a statement outlining their regret in offering free beers if Staines went over, after having to come good on their offer and give away over 200 free schooners away to the crowd of 50-plus cheering locals.

However, as loose as Forbes was on Saturday night, one can’t even imagine how wild things got for Charlie’s seven mates who were allowed to watch the match live at Kogarah’s Jubilee Stadium.

Momentum was definitely building as camera’s cut to the lads upon every try with his final two taking place metres in front of them on the sideline.

The fact that Staines had decided to give his seven designated debutant tickets to the pissed hometown boys instead of his parents is also being touted as possibly the most blatant display of the country rugby league mindset for the 2020 season.

However, unfortunately for the boys, social distancing measures meant Charlie’s mates were unable to celebrate with him after the match, as far as we know.

This was likely a relief for the 19-year-old given the fact he would have spent a fair bit of time playing catch-ups with these lads, who appeared to be visibly refreshed by full-time.

NRL fans watching the match at home can only imagine the beer-swilling day-ones pushed the boat out even further, possibly even to the pubs in Cronulla – which would have just been salt in the wounds for the humiliated Sharks fans.


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