Although most people in the Southern, Western, and Central Northern regions would already be aware, there has been official confirmation this evening that the Melbourne Demons are playing in the AFL Grand Final. 

This verification comes after TV viewers were assaulted by an ad for oat milk, reminding sports fans that the inner-city Dees are playing in tonight’s match. 

They are reportedly taking on the Western Bulldogs in the culmination of the 2021 season, in what is a quintessential battle between toffs and tradies. 

The distinction between the outer Suburban underdog Dogs, and the upper-class Tesla driving Dees fans has been illustrated perfectly by the aforementioned ad. 

“Of course they’ve got an Oatly ad in the middle of a Saturday night Grand Final,” laughed a neutral Victorian Football fan living in our desert shire today. 

“Surprised there isn’t an ad for 2022 season pass up at Mt Buller too,” he laughed. 

“Just quietly, as a lactose intolerant man myself, I’m actually a bit partial to the stuff, but I’m not going to miss an opportunity to give those Dees fans shit.” 

“Up the dogs,” he said before walking off to order himself another weird sized beer that Victorians drink. 


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