With more dropped balls than head knocks, the semi final showdown between the Storm and the Panthers has the rest of the rugby league world wondering what the weather is like in Brissy.

In fact, the nut is so slippery, this game is starting to resemble a Warriors v Cowboys match Townsville.

With no visible rain coming through on the broadcast, its has been assumed that this might just be an old fashioned Brisbane September arvo.

The humidity has obviously made the ball move slower through the air, before it lands in a slippery pair of southern hands, covered In condensation.

It is for this reason it is not known why these Queensland players can’t hold the pill for longer then three tackles.

At time of press Jarome had just flicked it to To’o for Melbourne’s second unanswered try.

It seems only the little usos from Mount Druitt. cam prepared for that tropical heat.


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