A trendy local office worker has offered himself up as a source of momentary amusement today. 

The man who prides himself on not being just another square, did so a short time ago by drawing an interesting line in the sand. 

Enjoying a little mask free outdoor gathering as is the norm here in Queensland, Brett Thomas had made a point of showing off his 142 dollar case American made Double Grapefruit Infused Hazy Malt IPA. 

However a short time after his latest attempt at trying to wow people with the pretty full on drink, Davis reportedly turned his nose up at his girlfriend’s Saintly cocktail seltzer. 

“Nah, not a fan of that cocktail shit,” laughed the man not wearing a ‘fun shirt’ to a gathering for the first time in over a year, and drinking what’s essentially a cocktail dressed as a beer. 

“Turn it up, stop being so pretentious. C’mon it’s the perfect summer drink, I’m not sure how you can find it offensive. Get a Marg up ya,” laughed his voddy lime soda loving girlfriend.  

“Bit much for me,” he continued after turning down the cocktail flavoured boozy sparkling water. 

With his girlfriend and her mate shaking their heads at him, the noted craft beer enthusiast then said he prefers to stick to a drink that’s ‘got a strong personality.’ 

“I certainly would not be uploading your Saintly Grapefruit Margarita, onto Untappd,” laughed the European crime noir enthusiast who chose the crafty food and drinks pathway instead of endurance sports events a few years ago. 

“Besides, I don’t think that seltzer was made by a guy with a beard and scribbly tattoos, so it’s not for me.” 


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