7-time Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has wowed the sporting world today by revealing his gruelling training regime.

The current World Number 2 allowed The Advocate exclusive access into one of his secret training sessions at the famous Revolver nightclub in Melbourne.

This comes after Slovenian player Dalila Jakupovic withdrew from a Qualifying match after suffering a coughing fit which she described as very scary.

With smoke blanketing the city (like many other parts of the country) the Serbian explained that he is going to extraordinary lengths to acclimatise his body with the conditions.

“The establishment has been very good in cordoning off a little section of the smoking area for me to do some ball skills and fitness,” said Djokovic.

“I have had to get them to clear a bit of vomit off where I have been training a couple of times and encountered some very cooked individuals, but it’s been well worth it.”

“If I can play through the darts in the world-famous nightclub then I can play through anything.”

Djokovic then told is that he has been spending his spare time in various pokie dens to make sure he can handle the conditions if he’s taken to 5 sets.

“Yeah, I have just been kicking back and having a few mentos here and there. I don’t know why anyone plays that fucking Big Red. The stingy fucking Kangaroo never pays out.”

“It’s bullshit.”


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