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A Betoota Grove mother has rung each of her four children, including the one born outside of wedlock, to ask them to keep an eye out for the new Leunig calendar.

And if they come across one, they’re required to send it home.

However, Marcia Rhed’s youngest child had the ‘gall’ to tell her that Michael Leunig is an anti-vaxxer and thus shouldn’t be supported.

Little did her youngest daughter Emily know, she was about to get a tongue-lashing on par with the one the magistrate gave her after she was caught down the Gelded Seahorse with a bag of cocaine last year.

“I couldn’t give a fuck what he believes in, I need his fucking calendar for the pantry,” said Marcia.

“I’ve had his calendar in the pantry every fucking year since you were born! You know that the Fairfax paper in Betoota as gone out of business! I can’t find it fucking anywhere! Fuck!”

“You know, a person’s art should be separate from who the artist is. I hope you understand that one day.”

Emily said she’d look out for it.

Unbeknown to both of them, Marcia’s oldest, Spetsnatz, had already ordered it from the world’s most useless shop, The Fairfax Store, to his mother’s door.

More to come.


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