In a glorious sporting fairytale, Victorian bowler Scott Boland has almost single-handedly won the Ashes for Australia on debut.

After years of whittling away at a state level, the 32-year-old was called up as injury cover after the second Ashes Test and unexpectedly got the nod for the third match with an array of injuries and close contacts.

Boland is the second Indigenous Australian to be selected to play Test Cricket after Dizzy Gillespie, and has just put on a clinic that will secure him millions of dollars in endorsements and IPL contracts.

Throughout 4 overs, Boland bowled 6 for 7 – weaving together a highlight reel that will be getting a run in twenty years time.

Aside from inspiring thousands of young black cricketers around Australia, Boland has also cemented himself as a role model for millions of early-thirties park cricketers around the world – who now feel like they too still have a chance at making it.

Bowling, Boland.


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