Betoota Grove Mitsubishi salesman, Geordie Nuttal (32), hasn’t felt like this since he saw Cathy win Gold in 2000.

Sitting on the couch this morning, after 5 days of binge drinking and honey-glazed ham, the dribbliest park cricketer in the Diamantina Shire has just realised that the baggy green is not 100% out of reach.

This follows the Victorian cinderellaman Scotty Boland cemented Australia’s Ashes victory, after pumping the poms with a glorious 6 for 7 in the final moments of the Melbourne test today.

Geordie, who hard all but given up his dream of one day representing his nation in cricket, now feels a burning cinder inside him – after watching a man his age win the Ashes on debut.

”There’s still time” whispers Geordie, as he yawns his way through a toe-curling couch-stretch.

Prior to Boland’s glorious 4-over clinic this morning, Geordie has resigned himself to the fact that the only way he could ever represent his country from here would be through drinking games like pool or darts.

But today, he’s realised that there’s still hope. There’s still time.

“Oi, I’m gonna hit the nets after lunch” he yells to his mother, who is still cleaning up after Christmas in the kitchen.

”What IS for lunch by the way?”


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