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Popular streaming platform Netflix yesterday revealed a set guidelines for account sharing which would ensure accounts could not be shared outside of a household unless the user was connected to the household Wi-fi at least once every 31 days.

This update is alleged to have been accidentally posted across help centre pages and since been taken down, but shows that Netflix clearly isn’t fucking around with their password crackdown. 

Though still in its trial stage, this news has not been met with much enthusiasm as streamers accuse Netflix of being greedy – the same users that also require a constant rotation of fresh content.

However, the nation’s mums are said to be ‘over the moon’ with this update once the concept was explained to them several times, as it finally forces their bludging kids to visit them.

“I’m very happy”, says Betoota Ponds mum, Linda Slate [52], “I foot the bill, so I guess they’ll have to visit now.”

“If they want my Wi-fi, it’ll cost a minimum three hours.”

More to come.


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