A share-house of Uni students have managed to square the ledger this morning, plating up a sweet dish of revenge to their boomer neighbours.

The Advocate understands tensions have been running high this week, as local uni students Harlow (23), Amira (25) and Callum (22) face the fall out of last weekend’s Hottest 100 party, which was shut down with a noise complaint at 8pm thanks to their neighbours (and landlords) Jeff and Karen Kennedy.

Tired of paying overs to rent a dilapidated 3-bedroom, mould infested terrace in the French Quarter, it’s believed the house decided they’d get one back on their neighbours, who believe that 8pm is quiet time, but thrashing around with bikes and clip-clopping in cycling shoes along the street at the crack of dawn is perfectly acceptable.

So after calling up the police to make a noise complaint, it’s believed even Betoota’s local police force have stunningly decided to do something positive for the under 35 community today, and have started to enact some change.

Speaking to local police sergeant Constable Kevin Cobbo, it’s believed boomers in Betoota have been put on notice that they need to chill out with their rolling conferences which they host at daybreak every weekend.

“For a group of people that enjoy peace and quiet, they sure like to ruin the tranquillity of the empty streets at 5am,” admitted Constable Cobbo.

“I can’t be shutting down every organic wine bar after 9pm just because some glassy dropped a champagne flute.”

“So from now on, I’ll be fining any pack of cyclists that raise their voices past the level of crowd abuse at a footy oval, and I’ll be asking them to stop doing a highland dance on the footpath in their tap shoes at sunrise too.”

“It’s only fair!”. 


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