An act of human to animal compassion took place in Betoota today as a thoughtful couple of young urban professionals laid down big money to rescue a purebred dog from a bespoke breeder. 

In the past 15 years, professional dog breeding and puppy farms have fallen out of vogue with 2nd hand or ‘rescue’ dogs now being the socially agreed upon way of bringing a furry friend home.

However, dog breeders are still in operation which is what led yuppy couple Katrice and Helmut Wagnerbut to rescue a purpose built dog from the clutches of a rather pricey breeder.

“It cost over $6000 to rescue this one,” stated Katrice, covering her puppy’s ears so it couldn’t hear how much they were worth.

“We just had to. The moment we looked into her perfectly symmetrical thoroughbred face we knew we had to.”

The Wagnerbut’s then went on to explain their future plans to not just adopt children but to use their own sexual organs to create their own children that they will be fully responsible for moving forward.


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