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A Betoota Heights chihuahua has today proven that what he doesn’t have in size, he makes up with sheer audacity, by making a beeline for the biggest dog in the park.

Proving that there are only two types of chihuahuas (the ones scared to be alive and the ones that could do with a bit more humility), ‘Dobby Reynolds’ was seen frolicking around the Betoota Grove reserve this morning when he thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with a Rottweiler – despite being roughly 1/30th of its size.

It’s unknown why Dobby was off his leash, given his propensity for violence, but onlookers recall watching in horror as the little ball bag sped across the park, yapping and snarling as it moved closer to the rottie minding its own business.

“Jesus Christ, I thought that little fucker was done for”, says Ian Hodgson, a retiree who’d been walking his lab, “not the best way to start your morning.”

Rachel Harness, a personal trainer who’d been conducting small group workouts that morning, says she was expecting a ‘bloodbath.’

“Nothing happened thankfully! The rottie just ended up rolling over”, says Rachel, letting out a sigh of relief, “hopefully the owner has learnt their lesson though.”

“Keep your little gremlin on a leash.”

More to come.


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