Once reserved solely for ticket inspectors and suburban dads on holidays, the renaissance of the fabled bumbag as a fashion item appears to have happened over night.

While popular in the eshay culture for decades, the bummy is now 2019’s number one outfit accessories – with the brands like FILA and Nike littered across the pelvic region of influencers at Coachella this week.

Just last year, the Betoota Advocate reported on this grown trend in Thin Line Between Ice Junkies And Hipsters Even Blurrier After FILA Bum Bag Renaissance.

However, while the fashion world tries to catch up with Logan and Western Sydney – it appears the Usos and Adlays have already moved on to bigger and better things.

What started as a simple bum-bag, has since morphed into more of a satchel/manbag – with some even taking it further.

One local Polynesian drill rapper, Sione Schuster (22), also known by his stage name “Long Necc” has today stunned his entourage by hitting the streets with a full blown purse.

Although still wearing the new and improved fashion accessory across his mid-region like a real G, the part-time NBN contractor has got a little bit more sass about him today – and much more room to carry all his things.

“Jeez I know why the missus is so big on these things, uce” he tells his mate.

“I can fit my wallet, keys, smokes, and both phones in here”

At time of press, Long Necc and his boys were spotted googling Long Champ crumpler handbags as a possible alternative to the usual duffles they use for footy training.


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