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A Betoota Heights man was denied a small comfort last night after the powers that be ruined his dinner.

Despite doing what it said on the box, recently retrenched IT salesman John Pooley came back from a lukewarm shower to find his Papa Giuseppi’s supreme on the bottom of the oven.

It was unsalvageable.

“They said to just take the plastic film off and pop it right there on the rack. Now, it’s on the floor of the oven. It was on fire when I came. Why has the universe done this?” he said.

“I even got a pizza pan out from the back of the cupboard but the instructions said directly on the rack. So now, if I want dinner, I have to either go and get someone or just have a middy of soy sauce. Both equally as tempting,”

“But I went for the third option, which was to just go to sleep.”

Mr Pooley said he’s kept that pizza in the freezer for months, waiting to be used when he didn’t have anything for dinner and hadn’t had time during the day to find something.

He admits that after this experience, perhaps the universe is trying to tell him something.

“Maybe, I’m not a dinner person. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that I’m a lunch-only type of person. I don’t know, I haven’t eaten for a while so I know I’m not thinking straight,” he said.

“Oh well.”

More to come.


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