A bloke that’s never ridden a horse has attempted to play the country boy card today as he looks to add some toughness to his otherwise soft exterior.

After studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle, Trenton Warners-Bay (25) has found himself living in South Melbourne, after relocating to work his first job as a corporate in an accounting firm.

However after weeks of trying to explain to his new colleagues where he’s from and justify why he’s never barracked for any particular AFL team, Trenton’s discovered that Victoria’s general disinterest in NSW means it’s easy to imaginatively paint his regional upbringing as something straight out of Yellowstone.

Despite growing up in a four-bedroom off-the-plan home on the outskirts of Singleton in the Hunter Valley, Trenton has reportedly taken a liking to drumming up his childhood as some kind of great Aussie bush adventure, where he’d skip school to ride horses, herd cattle and build jumps for his Kawasaki dirt bike.

“Yeah the Hunter is pretty rural, it’s kind of like outback NSW!” Trenton told his colleagues, who weren’t that interested nor understood that Singleton in fact has a cinema, a Cotton On and is close to some of the fanciest wineries in Australia.

“And there’s not much AFL there hey, we were more of a Rugby League town!” Trenton added, despite the fact he retired from footy after U/10’s and spent the rest of his youth mashing the buttons of a Playstation 3. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty isolated, growing up it was just me, my family and the land!” 

When his new Melbourne colleagues ask questions about his teen years, The Advocate can confirm Trenton often drops the odd syllable to really amp up the regional nature of his upbringing.

“Aha yeah man Singleton was pretty hectic aye, but I mean, us locals call it ‘Singo’”

“It’s good for a weekend tho aye, ‘Brah’ you should come visit some time.”


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