A local school leaver has confirmed that she literally can’t deal, even after being shown how to by people who do know how to deal.

Vera was attending a social poker night with some friends

One of her friend’s older brothers, Luke initially asked her to deal out of politeness, after noticing that she was unfamiliar with the rules and thought that this might be a good way to ease her into the popular card game.

“Would you like to deal, Vera?” asks Luke.

Vera was hesitant in answering for quite a few minutes, leaving some of the guests to think she might not be familiar with dealing cards

“Do you know how to deal?” asks Kelly, another older friend who has played a bit more poker than a lot of the people in the room.

“I’ll show you how to if you want to learn, if not I can just deal instead”

“Up to you really, do you want to have a crack?”

“You do it like this”

However Vera remained uninterested in the offer, relaying to both Luke and the rest of the players that she was not confident in her ability to deal, even after seeing how to do it.

“I literally can’t deal” says Vera.

“Omg I can’t deal”




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