The long-awaited film adaption of an iconic Stephen King horror novel set in Sydney’s gloomy Autumn cusp is set to hit screens in 2023.

Titled ‘Sydney Scaries’ – the story follows the journey of several rural Queensland gays, who travel to the Harbour City to take part in their first ever Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The early chapters cover the unbridled hedonism of the week-long party, as we explore the relationships between these old friends – some who have been staple members of the LGBTIQA+ community for many years, others who are only recently out of the closet.

The euphoria and excitement appears equally overwhelming as it is magical, as tricky situations arise that test the friendships in this foreign land.

However, as the festivities wrap up, it becomes clear that their Toowoomba travel agent has accidentally booked their returned flights for the following week – leaving the group stranded in the glitter-laden sewers of a city’s collective come-down.

The noise of constant construction work, as well as the limited yet extortionate accomodation options, sees these young Queenslanders pushed beyond the brink – while also managing severe serotonin deficiencies and the sheer obnoxiousness of day-to-day Sydneysiders.

Stephen King is believed to have written this story after finding himself based in Sydney during the 2020 lockdown, when Australia had affirmed itself as one of the only nations out of lockdown thanks to their closed-border ‘elimination strategy’. The award-winning author says the idea came to him after being presented with the fact that one the only ‘open cities’ in the world was actually a sterile capitalist shit-hole full of neoliberal bootlickers – who work tirelessly to present themselves as fun and quirky.

The news of a Paramount+ film adaptation in the works comes as part of the streaming platforms recent pivot into the young adult space, with Sydney Scaries expected to attract bitter criticisms from the same Sydney City Council and NSW Government who just hosted an international WorldPride parade down the middle of a construction site.

However, the production has made great efforts to include local actors and technical advisors from the queer community, with early whispers suggesting this Hugh Sheridan, Steven Oliver and Ian Roberts will be cast in lead roles.


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