“Is it in the shed?” asks grandfather of six Bob Drummond (82) with the indifference of his attempted answers while watching The Chase.

“I’ve seen it before, I know that.”

Like many men his age, Drummond claims to have a superior understanding of life in ‘the real world’ and takes great pride in telling his young adult grandchildren about how much easier they have it than he did.

“I was going to be a whalers apprentice until the government cancelled that so don’t get me started on your uni fee hikes,” Drummond reminded his granddaughter Kimberly (18).

Potentially disgruntled by her grandfather’s disregard for her financial inability to study the degree she originally wanted, Kimberly flipped the ‘real world’ tables on her pop and asked him to tell our reporting team where in his house the washing machine is located.

“I…uh…OK, I see what you’ve done here. Look, it’s a big house love!” 

Although Drummond has lived in the four bedroom home since he paid a triple digit amount in pounds for the property in the early ‘60s, the precise location of the machine that takes his clothes from dirty to clean has never been a priority.

“Yeah but your nan doesn’t have a clue where the bar fridge is, all those times I asked for a stubby and I’m still sitting here empty handed!”

After half an hour of evasive guessing, Kimberly gave up and told her old pop that his washing machine is located in the laundry or as he knows it, the room with the dog food.

“The laundry? Nah, wouldn’t have got that.”


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