As the Australian’s media obsession with impressing the British Royal family continues, it has become evidently clear that the conservative ‘free speech’ warriors have suspended their libertarian values for the entire length of this never-ending mourning period.

This comes as 2GB shock jock Ray Hadley takes issue with an Indigenous NRLW star expressing her honest feelings about the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hadley, who is known for dictating Liberal Party policy, and presenting himself as the arbiter of common sense leading the resistance against a culture of political correctness, has well indeed spat the dummy this week after Newcastle player Caitlin Moran referred to the late monarch as a ‘dumb dog’ on social media.

This is a bizarre example of pearl-clutching from Ray Hadley, a man who seemed convinced that allowing gay people the right to get married would mean people with opinions like his would be sent to concentration camps.

On top of boldly labelling Moran’s post as ‘the most reprehensible act linked to rugby league’ that he’s ever seen, the snowflake radio host also demanded that the footballer be stood down for a game.

And, as was predicted, the pindicks at the NRL and Newcastle Knights have done exactly what Hadley demanded of them.

The NRL announced yesterday that they will be docking 25% of Moran’s pay and banning her for one match, making the Jillaroos star the first women’s player to be suspended for an off-field matter in the NRLW’s history.

However, this incident marks a milestone in not just rugby league, but also Australian media – as Ray Hadley makes it clear that is OKAY to be offended by the harmless words of others – so long as it comes from an Indigenous woman who is making fun of a 96-year-old Royal whose family have overseen some of the most barbaric acts of colonial violence against both Aboriginal people and the convicts that were sent here to work as slaves.

This new brand of conservative snowflake language-policing has left Hadley looking like not only a boot-licking serf to the billionaire elites, but he is also beginning to mirror the woke PC police he claims are ruining Australian culture.

It is not yet known what will offend Snowflake Hadley next, but if rubbishing the legacy of one of the wealthiest feminist girlbosses in the history of Western Civilisation was enough to rattle his cage, he might find his most loyal audience is actually sprawled out on the library lawns of Sydney Uni.


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