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In a shocking development from the United Kingdom this morning, a pair of brothers mourning their grandmother have today failed to punch each other in the head.

Not only that, the pair has failed to show even the slightest microaggressions towards each other, and have seemingly behaved in a civilized manner while walking behind the dead body of their grandmother.

The unbelievable news comes as Prince Harry and Prince William continue to grieve the loss of their granny Queen Elizabeth II – who both share fond tales off and weirdly are sad about dying.

While understandably devastated by the passing of a loved one, it’s reportedly come as a major surprise that neither of them has indulged the pack of media vultures covering every single move of every single royal every single day.

“Not even the slightest glance of anger,” said one English journalist who has spent the last 4 years milking every single ounce out of any perceived grievance between Harry and Meg, and Will and Kate.

“It’s like these two brothers don’t actually hate each other that much, and the whole thing is just a media beat up.”

“I mean, in front of everyone, the pair didn’t even look slightly interested in breaking into a punch-up,” said the furious ambulance chaser who is a week away from penning an opinion piece on why Meghan played a part in the 96-year-old’s death.

“I’m gonna need a body language expert to reveal what the hell is going on here.”

In other developments from this morning, Harry wore a suit, looked like he washed his hair last night, and spoke to his brother over the course of the morning.

He also looked like he caught his foot stepping up on a curb at a certain point.

More to come.


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