If you haven’t been listening to the talking points of Government MPs, then you wouldn’t know that the only reason Australia is enduring developed world’smost most hysterically manipulated housing crisis is because of the Queensland Greens MPs.

Aside from harvesting swathes of their inner city voters, the ‘Greenslanders’ that swamped the 2022 election are currently public enemy number one for the current government because they refuse to support the Albanese government’s ‘housing fund’.

In the most Turnbullist approach to acknowledging extreme wealth disparity without upsetting the elites, The Albanese government is proposing a $10 billion fund, the earnings from which would result in payouts of up to $500m a year to build homes.

However, the Greens say the Government is actively not doing enough, and are ‘bringing a bucket of water to a house fire’ out of fear of not upsetting the wealth hoarding boomers and media elites they won over after Scott Morrison destroyed the Liberal Party.

The number one enemy of the Labor becky feminists appears to be the frustratingly articulate Greens Shadow Housing Minister, Max Chandler-Mather, who has criticised the government for not dedicated a single cent to building social or public housing, and putting the entire 10 billion on the stock market via the Future Fund set up by Peter Costello.

These very popular criticisms of Labor’s wet lettuce approach to the housing crisis has resulted in countless personal attacks directed at the Brisbane Greens MP. Literally, Foreign Minister Penny Wong is directly quoted saying Chandler-Mather is putting his “ego” and desire for media attention above the need for more housing for victims of domestic violence.

But, aside from Labor’s extreme tantrums after facing their first political hurdle since ousting Morrison, the Albanese government doesn’t need to worry about the Greens anymore. BECAUSE THEY ARE HYPOCRITES.

In case you haven’t seen the tweets from the prominent Labor mouthpieces today, the Brisbane Greens have opposed the extreme overdevelopment of one of Brisbane’s most treasured inner city suburbs.

The cowardly Greens have said they don’t think it is appropriate to build 150,000 new apartments in Chinese-style human warehouse towers on the fragile riverbank of West End, and selling them for 2 million dollars each.

This proves they don’t want to fix the housing crisis. Because they’ve just deprived 150,000 millionaire southerners and foreign investors of having a HOME. Disgraceful.


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