A Sydney bloke who previously dismissed the entire concept of ‘The Queensland Spirit’ has today had to concede he was wrong.

34-year-old sales director Sam Souci, originally from Matraville, has recently relocated to Brisbane for work at a the headquarters of a major Asian-Pacific farming equipment manufacturer.

While his new life in the tropics has provided him with a higher salary and countless laughs at the naivety of the slack-jawed Queenslanders he now co-exists alongside – it has also been very humbling in many ways.

As a devout South Sydney supporter and diehard Blues fan, Sam always thought that the Queensland dominance in the State Of Origin was simply due to the generational talent that made up the Maroons side throughout the 2000s and early 2010s.

But after a couple months working a normal white collar job in Brisbane’s CBD, he realises he simply doesn’t get it.

“I don’t think anyone in New South Wales gets its” he admits.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t been brainwashed by these banana benders. It does hurt me to say that”

“But it’s different up here”

As Sam points out, his seemingly boring deskmate at work has arrived at work today with maroon and gold face paint – complimented by a maroon afro wig.

“He looked like an absolute clown” says Sam.

“But all he was getting was compliments”

“And then when we had a packed break room, he just randomly screamed QUEENSLANDERRRR!!! and they all clapped and cheered. Even the new IT guy. He’s lived in Australia for like a fortnight, and even he’s been swept up in this shit”

“They just get it, and we don’t. Plain and simple”

“It shits me to tears. Now when I look back down at New South Wales and their indifference to this contest. It’s the time of indifference and arrogance that would result in them changing the jersey colours for no reason to keep a sponsor happy”

“We are gonna get pumped”


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